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An Oasis of Tranquility


Royal Aesthetic Center, Spa service world class of estheticians, massage therapists, facial and nail care specialists we provide the most luxurious spa treatments designed to indulge your every whim.


Experience the most premier massages, body treatments, and rejuvenating and relaxing facials Boston has to offer. We have designed an exclusive spa experience unlike any other.  Treat yourself to any of our individualized treatments or indulge in one of our luxurious packages. 


Today, we decide at a very young age to do all we can to maintain healthy lifestyles and avoid physical and emotional toxicities.  Our clients are women of every age. They are fully engaged in professional and creative lives, family lives and social schedules.  Because of this forward-looking mindset, feeling and looking beautifully young as we age has become not only attainable but fun!! Our clients expect us to help them accomplish their attainable healthy youthful glowing result. 

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